Resolve Breach Incidents with Strong and Reliable Digital Evidence

At TW Infosec, our service spectrum exceeds the basic acquirement of forensic data by providing you with best-in-class capabilities like Mobile and Windows forensics. We have the experience, expertise and equipment to provide you with digital forensic reports for cell phones and computers.

Being a leading IT risk and security service provider, we can provide you with digital forensic investigation services that ensure a resourceful acquisition and analysis of your computers and employee mobile devices. Through our digital forensics services, you can spot illegal behavior, flag internal errors and collect crucial information in case of cybercrime, which is needed to present digital evidence in a manner that is legally accepted for legal proceedings.

Whether you suspect client data theft, data infringement, suspicious behavior of a disgruntled employee or need an investigation to clear your business name from false allegations, we can help you with them all.

Mobile Forensics

In the digital age, almost 8/10 forensic examinations involve mobile devices. Mobile devices pose an increasing risk to the security profile of any company that is centered around intellectual property, user privacy and confidential information. If you suspect data breach from mobile devices, then you can benefit from our mobile forensic services for case investigation.

Our mobile device forensics service focuses on the recovery of data or digital evidence from mobile devices, such as smartphones and Blackberry. We can recover valuable data from any phone and in any condition — damaged, destroyed, locked, rooted or non-rooted. We have the ability, knowledge and access to revolutionary digital forensics tools that enable us to extract, recover, access and analyze data from mobile devices when deleted.

At TW Infosec, we have cutting edge technologies and expert training accessing digital imprints that remain on the phone even if the data is deleted. Therefore, deleted videos, pictures or messages are no match for our technicians. We can retrieve all the information and everything that has been deleted or hidden in the mobile device being investigated.

This further helps with the investigation process as it allows us to track and analyze the call logs and get to the bottom of the case.

Other information that we retrieve during mobile forensics include:

• Contacts—This includes the contacts keyed by the user to the ones received from different sources. Our team retrieves all the information pertaining to contacts as we believe that it is a major source of information and can provide valuable insights by evaluating information tied to the contact and the time the contact was altered.

• Social Networking Data— Such as data recovery from Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and other social networking sites accessed through the mobile device. We can recover deleted chats and other data in the primitive format for investigation purpose.

• GPS History—We also access and utilize GPS history for case investigation. This allows us to track the movement history of the device and provides clear and complete insights regarding the case when viewed in connection to other data preserved.

From geo location footprint, to WIFI history, SMS, emails, application installation history and deleted artifacts, we access every piece of information on the phone to resolve your case.

Key Benefits of Our IT GRC Framework Implementation

Another area we specialize in is Windows forensics. This service is focused on performing a forensic analysis of computers as part of the incident response. It helps us trace malicious activities of the user throughout the life of the computer.

We collect and analyze activities performed on the computer to understand exactly what the user researched about, when they looked it up and the actions taken after that. At [Insert company name], we have state-of-the-art technology that enables us to pare down details that you need both accurately and efficiently. Our patent technology is what helps us sift through large amounts of data that makes computers and tablets different from cellular phones. With terabytes of information to navigate, finding digital evidence on the computer is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. But with

During a forensic analysis of the Windows system, we extract a set of artifacts that are useful for collecting evidence of program execution. This includes but is not limited to:

• Historical registry data extraction
• Background Activity Moderator (BAM)
• RecentApps key
• Amcache and Shimcache

At TW Infosec, our experienced forensic experts can carry full and in-depth investigations on computers to find file transfers, communications and documents, thereby uncovering what happened. We can provide you with proactive and reactive support from the moment you have a doubt to the point it is taken up in court. Our goal is to help you access the truth with digital evidence addressing frauds, allegations and lies strongly and with sheer confidence. We don’t guarantee that you will like the data collected but we do guarantee that it will be the truth. Give us a chance to serve you.

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