IT Governance, Risk
and Compliance

Maximize Your Business Value with Our Pervasive GRC Framework

In today’s highly dynamic and volatile business environment, information assurance and risk mitigation plays a pivotal role in the growth as well as the sustenance of any company. Due to the ever-increasing dependence on the organizational infrastructure that is digitally enhanced, CIOs are up against one of the most daunting challenges of finding and striking a balance between progress and protection with privacy and governance. What adds to the above dilemma is a defocused and defragmented security posture that results from a multi-regulatory mandate.
Simply put, your organization’s IT risk increases in the face of disruptive business challenges, including breaches, compliance, technology innovation such as IoT and cloud, shortage of skilled people and data privacy, to name a few. All of this triggers a dire need for an effective GRC framework.

Specializing in IT Governance, Risk and Compliance, TW Infosec can develop a well-structured, result-driven and holistic GRC framework for the operations of your company’s IT areas to ensure support and achieve the strategic objectives of the organization. We can help you govern IT, manage risks and comply with all the regulations that can translate into benefits and add to your bottom-line.

Our GRC Framework Design and Development Approach

Our IT Governance, Risk and Compliance approach is based on evaluating your company’s existing security governance needs and gaps related to information technology regulatory compliance. This evaluation is carried against the company’s objectives, requirements and business challenges, such as:
Based on the analysis and existing challenges, our team of certified and experienced security specialists can provide you with a wide range of capabilities and a framework that ensures regulatory compliance and risk management.
Our Governance, Risk and Compliance consultants will work directly and cohesively with your team, regardless of the size, to strategically plan and execute a GRC strategy that can align well with your business strategy. With our expert guidance, your company will have the best strategy to support and promote your business growth, while drastically reducing both information security risks and inefficiencies.

At TW Infosec, we provide you with unmatched expertise that is needed for incident response, compliance along with the latest business threat intelligence that is needed to respond to and address information security risks, and execute result-focused and actionable mitigation strategies. Through careful data governance, we can help you handle large volumes of data and successfully implement the related regulations and controls, ensuring successful data security management.

We have developed a powerful and unique approach to IT security management and governance. Our GRC specialists are committed to raising the levels of governance and information security capability while offering your business a plethora of benefits. We offer customized support for clients who are struggling to manage exposure to IT security risks.

Key Benefits of Our IT GRC Framework Implementation

By using relevant criteria for each client, we perform risk identification and evaluation. Threats are assessed based on their potential impact on your IT system and business. All this enables us to create and develop a focused and well-balanced GRC action plan that will benefit your business in numerous ways. These benefits include but are not limited to:

Every business decision carries liability if not executed correctly, which creates the need to formulate a culture for risk management and mitigation. And that is what you can achieve through our GRC services. Once our GRC framework is integrated into your business landscape, you can build a risk awareness culture. This helps with better and proactive decision-making. It allows leadership to make informed and risk-based decisions that align with an organization’s objectives and leads to better business performance.
As the data is shared across the organization with GRC, this reduces duplication, thus eliminating silos. Furthermore, it promotes a better understanding of the business risks and their impact on the outcomes while ensuring cost efficiency.
With our GRC integration, you can address both immediate and long-term risk exposure, thereby ensuring an agile, stable and scalable control environment.
Proper IT Governance, Risk and Compliance management helps streamline as well as optimize value- adding activities to reduce time and undesirable variations. It offers increased traceability and efficiency by replacing preventative controls with automated detective controls. A consistent and well-devised GRC framework simplifies day-to-day management tasks, reduces time and labor requirements, thereby minimizing human error and delivering high value.
Reduced cost contributes to the overall return on investment gains by strategic and effective Governance, Risk and Compliance activities. There are also lowered costs in maintaining test issues, actions, duplicated controls and reporting across disciplines.
Continuous risk management and compliance monitoring allow organizations to prepare proactively for the future and mitigate potential risks and address compliance issues before they become serious threats to their business. To enjoy all these benefits and integrate a next-generation GRC framework into your business landscape, contact us today. We can provide you with a GRC framework that aligns with your business goals, meets regulatory requirements, identifies risks proactively and ensures business compliance, translating into financial benefits for your organization.

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