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Reduce Your Business Exposure to a Cyber Attack

Regardless of scope, size or industry, all types of businesses are at risk of malicious cyber attacks in the digital age. If you’re not prepared to tackle a cyber attack, it can result in substantial losses for your business. Along with the revenue loss associated with downtime, the money spent on remediating the breach and the damage to your business reputation can add up and cost your business millions of dollars.

At TW Infosec, we offer penetration testing services to help your business prevent, detect and respond to a cyber attack. Through our specialized penetration testing services, we can simulate a real-world attack on your business network and web applications. As a result, we can evaluate the vulnerabilities that an attacker can exploit to gain access to your business landscape and the current level of security of your key systems. We can also provide you with quality recommendations and solutions to enhance your overall organizational security and keep attackers at bay.

Web Application Testing

Web applications process sensitive user and financial data. And that is exactly why they are targeted frequently by cybercriminals. As web applications become increasingly complex, this has given rise to a wide range of exploitable vulnerabilities. In order to keep your web applications safe and fully protected from cyber attacks, hire our web app penetration testing services.

Our web application testing service is focused on helping you proactively identify as well as address potential and exploitable vulnerabilities. All the tests are performed by our experienced and CREST-certified web application testing team.

At TW Infosec, our web app penetration tests are aligned with the Open Web Application Security Project—the most critical security risks for applications. Our testers use the same tactics utilized by genuine hackers to identify vulnerabilities such as:

Our testers will empower your IT staff with a solid understanding of essential security measures that will not only strengthen your security posture but also prevent hackers from overrunning or breaking into your system.

Network Penetration Testing

At TW Infosec we understand that no two assessments are the same. Therefore, we offer network penetration testing services that are customized to your environment and designed to drastically improve the security of your organization.

Our team of pen testers attempt to break-in and exploit your IT environment to assess all the vulnerabilities and loopholes related to your current network security. The combination of our experience and deep knowledge of APT (advanced persistent threat) attacker behavior enable us to:

At TW Infosec, we dive into the complexities of your network in order to determine and resolve security problems to make sure your business is well-protected against risks that can lead to serious downtime and data loss.

Our network pen tests are mainly focused on finding the following security problems:

Our approach to network security penetration testing is laser-focused. We start by conducting a high level overview and understanding of the environment to be tested. The next step involves the validation of automated scans. This is where we look for indications of scan interference, followed by problem identification. We check the system to see if the protocol is secure.

Then, we determine the actual impact of the issue, attempting to pivot as well as exploit the trust relationship between the compromised and other servers. Based on our findings, our team documents the results of the test with clear reporting on the issues, targets affected and risk rating. We also determine the best possible ways and strategies to secure your network from future risks and attacks.

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